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clapScripture for Today: Psalm 98:8 “Let the rivers clap their hands, let the mountains sing together for joy.”

We are clapping a lot these days.  Because our bed sits up high, the headboard shelf even higher and the lamps on top higher still, we broke down.  We bought one of those “clap on clap off” devises to turn on and off the lights.  It works really well, too well.  Anytime we open and close drawers the light turn off.  Even the door opening and closing can activate it.  We enjoy not having to turn around and reach for that switch even so.  With the “clap on clap off’ we feel a bit lazy.  But we will get over that in time, just as we did for the television remote!

Today’s verse mentions clapping from a very unlikely source, as well as singing.  The rivers are clapping and the mountains are singing.  This psalm is describing the joy expressed when something long-awaited finally appears.  Joining in the clapping and singing are the trees and the hills (Isaiah 55:12).  Creation waits in eager expectation, looking forward to being “liberated from its bondage to decay” (Romans 8:21).  One day, everything will be put to rights when He comes to judge the earth (verse 9).

We are encouraged to clap our hands as well with cries of joy to our God (Psalm 47:1).  He is coming and He will judge the world with righteousness.  I know every wrong will be addressed.  Every miscarriage of justice will be corrected.  Everyone suffering at the hands of evil will be recompensed.  His faithful ones will be rewarded.  What an enormous reason for joy!  This day is coming and it is why I can listen to the news and yet not lose heart.

Thank you Lord, for being my hope and my joy!

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