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Hospital Gown

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 38:9 “All my longings lie open before You, Lord; my sighing is not hidden from You.”

Is there anything more humiliating than wearing that infamous hospital gown?  I feel for this little pooch looking so forlorn.  Modesty goes out the window in a doctor’s examining room.  But at least there is a hospital gown.  Often in French doctors’ examining rooms nothing is offered to cover up!  One feels so open and exposed, and the indignity one feels is intensified when not feeling well.

Today’s verse tells us that nothing is hidden from the Lord.  David understands that there is not a longing or heart-felt sigh that is hidden from Him.  He sees our innermost being, knowing even our words before we speak them (Psalm 139:4).  He has searched us and known us even from the time we were in our mother’s womb.  Even at that early stage, our frame was not hidden from Him (Psalm 139:15).

Does His knowledge of me frighten me or make me uncomfortable?  To have every motive of my heart open to the Lord can be a disturbing thought.  There is no hiding behind lofty prayers or religious traditions.  He knows exactly what I am thinking and feeling.  But as His child, this intimate knowledge is a real comfort.  He understands the fumbling prayer that finds no words.  He hears the anguished cry of my heart for lost family and friends.  He knows the sadness I feel with that deep sigh.  And every unfulfilled longing that hides out in a corner of my heart is open to Him.  Oh yes.  He is my comfort because He knows and understands.

Thank you Lord, that You know me like no other and love me anyway!

One thought on “Hospital Gown

  1. You are delicately adorable. Illustration is a good one that many of us relate to. xxxooo

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