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The Caring Hand


Scripture for Today: Psalm 145:16&19a “You open Your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.  He fulfills the desire of those who fear Him.”

This surprising sculpture rises from the ground and gently wraps its fingers around a tree.  It is found in Glarus, Switzerland and was created by Eva Oertli.  She named it “Hand,” but it has since been called by appreciative on-lookers as, “The Caring Hand,” for obvious reasons.  One could say that the message of this sculpture is a call to be responsible and caring about the environment.  But it called to my mind our amazing Creator.

Today’s verse is a beautiful depiction of God’s special care for His creation.  He opens His hand to satisfy and fulfill desires.  His open hand is the source of nourishment and support.  His care sustains us (Psalm 55:22).   There is not a bird that falls to the ground outside of that care (Matt. 10:29).  His care extends to all of creation.  And His special individualized care is offered to those who would fear Him.

When I was growing up, my parents used a paddle to spank us children rather than their hand.  They (like we) did not want the open hand to be associated with punishment but with love.  For those who fear the Lord, we can always associate His open hand with love and care.  All our punishment has already been paid by Jesus.  His hands were pierced so that He could open His hands with love.

My desires are often all over the place.  But as His child, my deepest desire is to love the Lord and serve Him.  He opens His hand to me every day.  He offers me strength, encouragement and hope.  He offers me joy, contentment and peace.

Thank you Lord, that You take care of me.

Look familiar?  This is a repost due to summer ministry.

2 thoughts on “The Caring Hand

  1. Love the picture! Was unfamiliar with verse and really liked it – tried looking it up. It’s psam 145 :16

    Thank n


    • Thanks for catching that, Joanne. Changed now but unfortunately can’t change it on blogs already posted to e-mail accounts. So glad to know my readers are looking up the Scripture references!! XO Jan


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