Devotions By Jan

Loyal Dog


Scripture for Today: Psalm 117:1-2 “Praise the Lord, all nations! Extol Him, all peoples. For great is His steadfast love towards us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.”

Poor Madison.  Because of the Camp Fire in Paradise California, he lost his home, and perhaps his brother Miguel, and maybe even his owner.  Regardless, he waited patiently at the burned out site for almost a month in hopes of something changing.  Although not seeing him, an Animal Rescue Volunteer kept checking the property and leaving food and water.  Finally, the evacuation orders were lifted and the owner and the dog’s brother returned.  What a sweet reunion there was between the owner and this faithful dog!

Today’s verse describes a faithfulness that has no equal.  The faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.  His love for His own never fails and is perfectly expressed in His unending faithful commitment.  There is no waning.  There are no breaks or interruptions.  His faithfulness has no end as He is eternal and unchanging.  Praising Him is the very least we can do in response to such incredible faithfulness!

There is nothing that I can rely on as sure, steady and consistent as His love.  I waver and I am fickle but His faithfulness and commitment to me are solid.  It is the foundation to my life and without it I would be utterly lost.  I can live in reliance on His faithfulness (Psalm 26:3).  His love gives me purpose.  His love gives motivation to live each day.  His love is my support when everything around me is falling apart.  Thankfully, His love is faithful and will never change.

Thank you Lord, that I can count on Your faithful love today, and tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Loyal Dog

  1. Best news story of the year — thanks for the reminder of His faithfulness through His creation of these wonderful pet. xxxooo

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  2. It sure touched my heart!!


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