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Christmas Wish Lists

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Scripture for Today: II Corinthians 9:15 “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.”

I remember pouring over those glossy catalogues that came in the mail to create my wish list as a child.  The more time I had to compose it, the longer it became!  Some things I did not even know I wanted until seeing the advertisement.  Of course my own children did the same thing and now I am seeing the list-making continue with my grandchildren.  As an adult, the items on my list tend to be of an intangible nature.  At the top of my list is LOVE.

I was bemused listening to George Harrison’s song, “Give Me Love.”  His list does not stop with “love.”  He goes on to list: peace on earth, light, life, freedom, hope, help to cope and the ability to reach heart and soul.  Even though this was intended as a love song, I could not help but think of Christ.  Today’s verse says that the gift of Jesus that God gives us is indescribable.  But this list, though not exhaustive, does a pretty good job of naming all that Jesus Christ is and what He offers us!  He is love, love that came down at Christmas to make reconciliation with God possible.

The gift of Jesus not only overwhelms me with love but gives my heart peace.  He has changed my darkness into light (Psalm 18:28).  The life He gives is not an easy one but it is full of significance.  He has freed me from the power of sin and death and gives me the sure hope of eternity with Him.  His help and presence help me cope with the troubles each day brings.  Because of Jesus I can touch and reach God with my heart and soul!

Thank you Lord, for the gift of Jesus.


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