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Hair Color Reveal!

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Scripture for Today: Matthew 5:36-37 “And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make even one hair white or black. All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.”

During these strange times of self-isolation, we hair-coloring women will soon be facing a big “reveal!”  Some may even feel that covering one’s face during a pandemic is secondary to covering emerging roots!  In a pinch we can go to the do-it-yourself boxed method.  Somehow, the results are never the same as the salon.  But of course, these problems are minor compared to the bigger ones of infection.

Today’s verse tells us not to swear by our heads.  It was a common practice in Matthew’s day to include oaths to add credibility to statements or promises made to one another.  But to swear to something puts us in a vulnerable position.  Just as one cannot change the true color of hair, so we are unable to change circumstances out of one’s control.  To the Lord, not fulfilling a vow is something very serious.  In essence it is like lying to Him.  Rather than risk that we are told to avoid making oaths at all.

I would like for my words to be able to stand on their own.  Rather than making myself more believable, speaking an oath tends to cheapen my words.  That is because I do not have complete control in my life.  There will always be a possibility that I will not be able to come through.  If I want to be taken seriously my “yes” should always be truthful, as well as my “no.”  Thankfully, God’s words are always trustworthy (I Cor.1:20) as every promise is a “Yes” in Christ!

Lord, make me a person of integrity.

One thought on “Hair Color Reveal!

  1. I love how I see new things in the word through your devotions. Thanks Jan. HOpe you and Randy are well. Gina and Forrest in Seattle are doing well. It’s a less hectic tax season because of the extension! Alleluia. We will miss our after Tax Season Escape we’ve come to relish for the R&R. But God knows and he has wonderful things in store from us. Ps. 40: 5. Bless you guys, you are light houses. XO Gina


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