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Not Considered Bread?

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Scripture for Today: John 6:33 “For the bread of God is the bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.”

It certainly looks like bread! But recently, a popular international sandwich-making chain was told something surprising. The tax break on this American bread being “essential” would no longer be applied. The sugar content of their bread was so elevated that Ireland would no longer considered it as bread or as being essential! Their product was now grouped with pastries and other baked sugary goods and no longer enjoyed tax exemption.

Today’s verse describes a bread that is from God and its origin is heaven. This is a bread with nothing added that is not essential! It is a bread that is exactly what every human being needs as it gives life. Jesus identifies Himself as this bread, calling Himself the “bread of life.” (verse 35) Jesus Christ is essential to true life. Without Him, there is an inexplicable hunger for something more. Without Him, there is an empty gnawing feeling despite pleasant circumstances. But in Him, there is everything we need to feel abundantly filled with all that is essential. Whoever comes to Him has his hunger satisfied. (verse 35)

He is my life. There is nothing I can add to my life to make it more satisfying. I have tried and none of this earth’s goodies do it! In fact, it is when I get distracted by all this world has to offer that I start to feel hunger pangs again. But they are immediately quelled when I seek Him out. He fills up my heart as it was made for Him. He satisfies my restless searching spirit with Himself. I can be calm and content in knowing and loving the Giver of Life!

Thank you Lord, that You satisfy my hunger.

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