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Bubble Coral

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 55:8 “I would hurry to my place of shelter, far from the tempest and storm.”

It is easy to see why this coral is called, “Bubble Coral.” Its skeleton mass is covered with water filled bubble-shaped polyps. These bubbles contain large numbers of single-celled algae that need that safe and stable environment to grow. The bubbles expand during the day and retract at night, regulating the amount of light it receives. The coral depends on that algae for most of its nutrients. Without those bubbles the coral would not thrive and grow.

Today’s verse tells us that there is a shelter that is removed from whatever tempest or storm we are experiencing. Like the bubble, it is a place of safety and refreshment and it is essential to our spiritual growth. It is a place of protection and there are times we need to hurry there! David longs for this bubble of protection when danger surrounds him and he does not know who to trust. Had he wings like a dove, he would fly away to find rest. (verse 6) Had he a choice, David would flee to the desert. (verse 7) Instead, he turns to the shelter of God’s presence. (Psalm 31:20)

I find that I need to hurry to His protective and nourishing presence daily. Like David, my thoughts can trouble me. (verse 2) The shelter of His presence keeps me removed from the tempest and storm. He does not mean for me to cower in fear at the plots of the wicked. In His sheltering presence I find the peace I so desperately need when turmoil surrounds me. There, my faith is nourished in a, “safe and stable environment.” How wonderful to have such a place available to me every day!

Lord, may Your sheltering presence keep me far from the tempest and storm

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