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Goose Barnacles


Scripture for Today: Philippians 3:21 “who by the power that enables him (Jesus Christ) to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body.”

Photo by John Turnbull

Have you ever wondered why this barnacle is named after a goose? The long black “neck” or stalk and the white triangular “head” or body of the barnacle could perhaps remind one of a goose. But for the superstitious living in thirteenth century Europe, their appearance explained the disappearance of the geese at certain times each year. Belief that barnacles transformed themselves into geese was a fanciful way to explain bird migration.

Today’s verse talks about a transformation that is real. It is the future of every believer that one day, our lowly bodies will be transformed to be like Christ’s glorious resurrected body. Christ’s power enables Him to have all the control and to accomplish this. It is because of this incredible truth that the believer can stand firm in the faith. (verse 58) The perishable will be transformed to imperishable, the dishonor transforms to glory, the weakness becomes power and the natural will be spiritual! (I Cor. 15:43-44)

That is quite a transformation! Though my deteriorating body breaks down over time, transformation is coming! Even in the face of my eventual death, I can look forward to a new resurrected body! Death will be swallowed up in victory! (verse 56) My new body will be strong, healthy, eternal and without flaws. Hard to imagine but it is what He has promised. With this new body there will be no sinful fleshly impulses to fight against. With this new body, I will not need a pocket for tissues. But most exciting, with this new body, my eyes will see God!

Thank you Lord, for the transformation You promise!

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  1. Beautiful post, thank you!


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