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Scripture for Today: I Chronicles 29:12 “Wealth and honor come from you; you are the ruler of all things. In your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all.”

Flex Alert is a voluntary program of energy conservation here in California. During extremely hot temperatures the power grid can get overloaded with an increase in demand. To avoid a black out or even planned roving power outages, folks are encouraged during peak hours to do three things: set the thermostat to 78 or higher, avoid using major appliances and turn off unnecessary lights. These measures keep us from running out of power.

Today’s verse acknowledges that wealth, honor, strength and power all come from the Lord. This praise is part of David’s prayer of praise at the building of the Temple. David had given of his wealth (verse 2) and he encourages the people to follow his example. Because wealth, honor, strength and power are from God’s hands, the people could open their own hands and give generously. But David first challenges the Israelites to consecrate themselves to the Lord (verse 5). That power from Him showed up in their willingness to give of themselves and of their wealth.

I often call on the Lord for His strength and power. His power is definitely present when I can say “no” to temptation. His strength is evident when He gets me through a difficult day after a sleepless night. When He comes through for me it is amazing! But it is just as amazing to step out in faith and give sacrificially to His work. To do so, I need to remember this verse. Power, strength, honor and wealth all come from Him and there are no outages.

Thank you Lord, that Your power enables me to give You myself and all I have.

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