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French Citadel

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 48:3 “God is in her citadels; he has shown himself to be her fortress.”

photo credit Frans de Wit

The citadel in this French town can be seen from many different vantage points as it dominates the landscape. Its history there in Bitche (pronounced “beach”) is a long one, having been constructed on the site of an old castle in the early 1600’s. The citadel was destroyed at one point but restored and strengthened in the 1700’s. This fortress has since survived all succeeding wars as much of it is excavated in red sandstone rock, making it bomb-proof. There was something comforting about its strong presence during our stay there.

Today’s verse talks about the citadel of Jerusalem; the city is also referred to as “city of God” and “Mount Zion.” Written by the sons of Korah, this psalm or perhaps song, was written as a celebration of safety and security. The citadel or fortress in and of itself was not being praised. Rather, the fact that God resided there gave the people a sense of security and well-being. It was a physical reminder of God’s special relationship with His people.

I have the same need to look up and be reminded of God’s love, presence and protection. I need to continually “lift my eyes” to the One who sits enthroned in Heaven. (Psalm 123:1) I may not have a literal brick and mortar fortress within my line of vision, but with eyes of faith I can look up. With that changed perspective I see His power rather than my weakness. Problems and obstacles grow smaller as HE looms larger.

Lord, remind me to look up!

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