Devotions By Jan

Purpose Statement

There is a two-fold purpose to this blog.  One purpose affects me and the other the readers.

  1. The purpose affecting me is that in creating this outlet I am challenged to stay in God’s Word!  I am encouraging myself to look for practical illustrations of spiritual truths each day.
  2. The second purpose is to encourage the readers to see God’s Word as something intensely practical, touching every area of our lives.  I want to stimulate others to be in the Word daily to find comfort, instruction and encouragement.


6 thoughts on “Purpose Statement

  1. Thanks Jan for the creation of this blog.
    You make me think of Max Lucado (I love his books and daily thoughts) but I’m glad to read special things written by a women.
    Have a good time left over in the States and I’m looking forward to see you very soon in this east area of France!!!
    How is it to be a grandmother? I expect great, wonderful…


  2. Great idea to start this. Love the photos too. Am not reading them all in one go, they are like jewels or chocolate ! Just want to taste and savour each one at my own pace. When is the French version comming out ?


  3. J’ai visité le site et je l’ai trouvé très intéressant. Tu as bien travaillé. Merci également pour ton travail journalier, même si je ne comprends pas toujours tout (je suis très mauvais en Anglais).
    Continue !


  4. Insight and creativity. Your blog is rich. So is your soul. Be blessed. We are!
    Gérard Lanniée


  5. Great job, Jan!


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