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Scripture for Today: I Corinthians 2:9  “…No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.”

I have had lots of fun watching the Home and Garden TV network in the States this past year.  I love to satisfy my curiosity and see inside the homes of other people.  As a result of watching this channel I now know I need hardwood floors and granite kitchen counters!

Living temporarily in an affluent beach community has given me lots of ideas of what the perfect  house might look like.  It is fun to imagine what my “must haves” would be.  Surely a jacuzzi bathtub is on the list!

Jesus tells us in John 14:2 that He is preparing a place for us.  With Him there would be no budget and nothing would ever wear out.  There would be no need for repairs or renovations.  His floor plan and blueprint will be perfect.  It will be exactly suited to the life He has planned for me to live with Him.  I cannot even imagine it!

The verse today talks about the preparations God has made for those who love Him.  It is normal that I cannot imagine it.  Our finite minds are not able to conceive what is awaiting us!  When I pine for a bigger or better house I need only to look to the future.  What is being prepared for me far outshines the most beautiful mansion on this earth!  And there will be no house payment!

My heavenly residence will be more than just a house.  It will be a “home” with all the love and comfort that word implies.  There will be no sin to spoil it.  No guard gates needed.  There will be uninterrupted peace and harmony because of the One who prepared it!

2 thoughts on “HGTV

  1. When my elderly mother-in-law moved to CA out of necessity (she needed care and Don was her last living child), we thought she would love California with all the flowers — her passion. Sadly she kept saying how she hated it here. Finally I asked WHY? Her reply was “it’s not home.” When we belong to Him, our uneasyness here is just that: it’s NOT home. xxxooo


  2. I relate to your comments on American homes: there are many beautiful “things” that I can’t do here, and then many I wouldn’t want to do! In one home where the hostess regulary changes her decor, there was not ONE small appliance or other practical item on her granite countertops — only decorative items! She pulled out the toaster or coffepot when she needed them. The table was also permanently set with tablecloth, colored plates, placemats, etc, and this arrangement changed daily. I appreciated things like this for their esthetic value, but in the end I was glad to get back to my simple, French home. 🙂 My husband says I’ll have my dream home in heaven.


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