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Scripture for Today:  John 10:9  “I am the Door; anyone who enters by Me will be saved.  He will come in and go out freely and will find pasture.”

I am fascinated by doors in Europe.  There are so many shapes and sizes.  These large ones leading into courtyards are especially eye catching for their shape.  I learned that the arch, although pretty, is not there for looks.  Its shape allowed for the passage of horse and carriage in former times.

In our verse for today Jesus describes Himself as the Door of the sheepfold.  In this image is found exclusivity and freedom; exclusivity because He is THE Door and not one of many.  Those who enter the sheepfold by another way are called thieves and robbers.  But those who enter by the Door are His own.  They enjoy freedom.  Those sheep who belong to the Shepherd can go in and out freely and enjoy green pastures or abundant life!

It is through Jesus and Jesus alone that we have salvation and pardon for sin.  He made a way for us at great cost to Himself.  Those who try to circumvent the Door miss out, not only on eternal life but an abundant life full of green pastures on this earth!  How amazing that He cares about the quality of life in the here and now.  It is through Him that we find those green pastures implying rest, protection and satisfaction.

My daughters accuse me of having a song for every idea or occasion.  I remember a very old children’s song that says, “One door and only one and yet its sides are two.  I’m on the inside, on which side are you?”  For now, that Door still stands open.  May I be faithful in pointing others to the Door, leading to salvation and abundant life!

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