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Scripture for Today:  John 15:5  “I am the Vine; you are the branches.  If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.”

In the vineyards behind our house some varieties of grapes have already been harvested.  But there are others still there even while the leaves are turning golden.  These varieties produce a “vendage tardive” and are much sweeter for having been on the vine longer.  Our landlords share them with us and they are so juicy and sweet.

Of course, these grapes would not be at the point of maturity if they had somehow been separated from the vine.  But imagine one variety of grape looking at another that is harvested first and wondering when their day will come!  These grapes have to wait a bit longer for their fruit to be sweeter.  In the meantime they have to REMAIN connected to the vine.

There are times in the life of every believer when one wonders when fruit will come.  It is easy to look at other Christians and their fruit.  But theirs is a different variety.  Their spiritual gifting is different.  Maybe the number of years they have been connected to the Vine is longer.  In any case, we are to STAY connected and await God’s timing for the harvesting of His fruit.

The Father is the Vinedresser.  He is the One responsible for fruit production, whatever variety, whatever  the timing of the harvest.  My responsibility is to stay connected to Jesus, my Vine.  Without Him there is no fruit of any kind.  I need to resist the temptation of looking around at the other branches and wondering about why their fruit is bigger or sweeter.  Lord, please produce fruit in me in Your way and in Your time.

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  1. I am the vine, ye are the branches — keep me abiding in You!!! xxxooo


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