Devotions By Jan



Scripture for Today:  Psalms 77:11-12  “I shall remember the deeds of the Lord;  surely I will remember your wonders of old.  I will meditate on all Your work and muse on Your deeds.”

There are plenty of cows in our area of France.  But then for a country with so many varieties of cheese, it stands to reason they would be everywhere!  It is fun to hear  the cow bells clanging.  Sometimes I feel like I live in the setting of a novel.

These cows are eating but it will be a very long time before they are finished.  Chewing their cud seems to take forever.  Their hay and grass is brought up from their stomachs back to their mouths to be chewed again, and again!  Their food is not completely digested until it has been brought up 62 times!

Our verse today talks about remembering, meditating and musing on all of the Lord’s wondrous works.  Memories are short.  One can hear and read of the miracles the Lord has done and yet forget them entirely.  Meditating is like chewing cud.  The truths in Scripture need to be digested again and again before they have an impact on our lives.

There are plenty of moments in the day where my mind is inactive or on “pilot.”  It takes an effort of the will to turn my mind to spiritual things and ruminate on His goodness.  But what a blessing when I do!  If it takes the cow 62 times to digest something, I wonder how long I need to meditate on a verse for it to “stick!”  I have the feeling it is more than 62 times!  There are no loftier thoughts than thoughts of Him.  He is worthy of all my thoughts.

Lord, keep me meditating on You and Your Word throughout this day.


2 thoughts on “Meditating

  1. I love every one of your posts. Love this one especially because you are in the picture! Beautiful lady! I have made a binder and have printed up every one of your devotions. I have also used them to encourage others. Thank you for your dedication to this! xoxox Carol Semper Deos Laud



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