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Scripture for Today:  Psalms 37:9  “For evildoers will be cut off.  But those who wait for the Lord, they will inherit the land.”

My crock pot has definitely seen better days!  The only setting that still works is “high” but it is still incredibly slow.  But then that is the idea.  The flavors have the time to really develop and intensify.  Smelling the dish cook for an entire day makes my mouth water in anticipation.  But I have to wait.

My Mother used to say that, ” good things come to those who wait.”  That is certainly a spiritual truth as well.  Our verse today talks about waiting for our inheritance.  The inheritance promised to believers in the New Testament is not literal land, but a heavenly reward that is eternal.  (I Peter 1:4)  But it is all in the future, which means having to wait.

Waiting is not something I enjoy doing.  I get impatient.  Waiting in long lines is the worst.  What really angers me is to see someone cut in line!  The other day in the “10 articles or less” line, I spoke (nicely) to the woman ahead of me.  She had a cart filled to the brim.  She corrected me, pointing to the sign above.  It was actually indicating the cash register next to us.  Oops.

There are evildoers all around us that seem to prosper.  There are those who profit by dishonest means and seem to get away with it.  However, they will be cut off.  Their riches are temporal.  In contrast, the inheritance belonging to God’s children is beyond the reach of change and decay.  It is unsullied and unfading.

No, I do not like to wait.  But it sounds like waiting for the Lord is well worth the wait!


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