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Love and Light

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Scripture for Today:  I John 2:10 “The one who loves his brother abides in the Light and there is no cause for stumbling in him.”

It can seem very dark here in Alsace.  It is not that we live in the country.  But we are in a much less populated area than southern California.  Things are spread out and there just is not as much artificial light.  Sometimes between villages, my husband will turn off the headlights to impress our visitors with how dark it can get.  When walking at night, I always use my small key chain flashlight to avoid tripping.

Today’s verse talks about staying in the light.  Jesus is our light.  He illuminates the path of obedience we are to walk.  Obeying Him allows us to remain within the beam of that light.  It is easier to talk about obedience in general terms, but here the verse is very specific about one particular commandment; loving our brother.  We are at risk of falling when we do not love our brother.  It is like turning off the headlights or forgetting my flashlight.  Loving our brother as God commands keeps us in His light and on the right path.

I never realized before how closely linked are LOVE and LIGHT.  The amount of light I live with is dependent on how much I love my brother.  Quite frankly, I get used to my way being dimly lit.  My eyes adjust to the lack of light due to my lack of love.  I do not think to do anything about it…….until I stumble.  I trip on my lack of love.  How much better it is to make the effort to love.  My walk is so much more pleasant in the light!

Lord, help me to stay in Your light by my brother.

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