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Like a Tree


IMG_20121124_121653Scripture for Today:  Psalms 1:3  “He shall be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season.  And its leaf does not wither.  And whatever he does, he prospers.”

This tree does not look like much without its leaves.  Even so, it seems stately and strong.  I can just imagine the shade it would provide in a different season.  The bench there looks so inviting.  Its branches are solid to give birds rest and shelter.  Its elevated location sets it apart.  It has withstood the winds and heavy snows over many years.

In our verse the righteous man who delights in obeying God’s Law is likened to a tree.  Like the tree, those who obey Him are  upright, strong and uncompromising.  The righteous one cannot be moved by the winds of adversity.  He is seen by others.  His stature is a testimony to the care and blessing that comes from obedience.

I am so thankful for that little phrase, “which yields its fruit in its season.”  The tree pictured here is not bearing fruit.  It is not the season.  However, it is still stately and strong as it awaits the next season.  There are times in my life when I wonder about the fruit I am producing.  However, when I am faithful to love and follow His Law, I can be assured of staying strong and healthy.  There is a time and season for every purpose under heaven (Eccl. 3:1).  God is the One who controls the seasons and produces the fruit in me.

I love this image of being a tree.  My roots are firmly planted in His unchangeable and good Law.  I will not be moved, regardless of the winds that buffet me.  I stand strong and prosper in life because of this promise!

2 thoughts on “Like a Tree

  1. Having grow up singing the entire hymn book and more your choices of God’s word always seem to remind me of the old hymns — it’s wonderful to be reminded.
    As a tree beside the water,
    Has the Savior planted me;
    All my fruit shall be in season,
    I shall live eternally.


    I shall not be moved,
    I shall not be moved,
    Anchored to the Rock of Ages,
    I shall not be moved.



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