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Scripture for Today:  Luke 2:18-19  “And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds.  But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

The manger scene or crèche is a common sight during Christmas time as France is a traditionally Catholic country.  Many of them include figurines called, “santons.”  They are beautifully crafted from a clay found in the region of Provence.

Santons (little saints) were first made in the late 1700’s during the French revolution.  At that time churches were forced to close and the large nativity scenes were forbidden.  So these small clay figures were used instead.

I especially like this santon of Mary as she looks so pensive.  Our verse today speaks of Mary pondering.  She pondered and reflected over all that the shepherds had said.  Pondering means to recall to mind or simply to remember.  I am sure that throughout the life of her Son, she re-visted in her mind the miracles surrounding His birth.  Remembering those miracles helped Mary to face all kinds of difficulties in her life.

Just before opening our gifts on Christmas morning, our family reads aloud the Christmas story from the second chapter of Luke.  It is a tradition I enjoy as it helps me to ponder and remember.  But there are opportunities to ponder in my heart every day.

I have not personally experienced the miraculous the way Mary did.  No angels or signs in the sky to ponder.  But He has done a miracle in my life that is spectacular.  He has called me to Himself.  He has forgiven me and made me pure.  That is a miracle!

May I keep remembering and pondering the miracle of His salvation for me!


3 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. Hi Jan!
    I have always loved this verse too! I guess because Mary’s pondering comforts me to not feel worried if God’s guidance doesn’t come all at once, it’s ok to slow down and be calm!
    ….we always had a creche under our tree,
    ……..and my mother always had a gold, paper, foil cut out creche for her high school classroom. I loved helping her put it up!
    On a family trip to France in 2003 I bought my own santons, complete with dogs, cats and a tiny kitten…a rabbit, tiny chick, and a goat nursing it’s baby!!!
    ……. my parents and I treasure them, they are the last decorations to be put away, usually after New Years!

    The effect the creche had on me, as a very little child, was deep.
    without any adults telling me, I knew in my heart that something was serious and real about that manger scene, and that the fun and festive side of Christmas was temporary…and make believe!

    If God ministered to me privately,as a very little girl…as I pondered the little straw filled box,
    ……then maybe many children in France are pondering quietly to themselves too!!!

    Love, Connie


  2. Hi Jan ! ….I just finished putting our santon creche out only minutes ago! what a surprise to see my post from last year!…this year all of the figures are fixed to the mantle with sticky clay, the kind you can hang posters with!
    …the reason is our one year old REAL cat, Maisey, who can jump to any height now!…and I worry she’ll play with the santons!
    I love you guys so much….
    and Tiger too!


    • Yes, it was a bit too crazy to do anything but repost around Christmas this year! When I saw that WordPress reposted your comment too, I was not unhappy, as it was so sweet and expressive! Randy LOVED your handmade cartoon card/ artwork!! And I love the little pewter kitty! I will think of you every time I see it! You’re the best…we love you back! Jan


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