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Scripture for Today:  Ephesians 5:27  “That He might present the church to Himself in glorious splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such things (that she might be holy and faultless).”

I found another wrinkle this morning.  I guess it is inevitable.  It is not like I do not try to avoid them.  I stay out of the sun and use sun screen.  I do not smoke and avoid too much caffeine (I write as I sip on coffee).  I try as much as possible to get enough rest and avoid too much stress in my life.  But, time marches on.

In France as in the States, there are all kinds of skin products that promise to remove or diminish wrinkles.  Women spend millions every year on such products with high hopes that they will do as they promise.  I remain skeptical.

Our verse today says that one day I will be wrinkle-free!  There will be no age spots either.  It is true that I will have a whole new glorified body for eternity.  But of course, this verse is speaking of the spots and wrinkles as sin.  Because of what Jesus did on the cross, I can look forward to being without sin in heaven.  As part of the church, I will be presented to God without spot or wrinkle.

Christ’s love and sacrifice sets me apart and makes me clean.  Being washed by the water of His Word is a life-long process, but with a promised result of being one day holy and faultless before Him.  What a day that will be!  No more guilt or shame.  No more self-condemnation.

I am tired of my own sin.  Those spots and wrinkles are plenty ugly.  But the future is all glorious splendor.  Thank you, Jesus!

One thought on “Wrinkled

  1. Looking forward to my glorified, wrinkle free body. xxxooo


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