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Turkish Delight

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 111:2  “Great are the works of the Lord.  They are studied by all who delight in them.”

I find the name of this mid-eastern candy intriguing.  Its other name is “Lokum.”  Turkish Delight is quite common here in France and easily found in the special foods section of the stores.

This is the candy of choice for Edmund, one of C. S. Lewis’ characters in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  Edmund not only took delight in this candy, he became addicted to it.  The wicked white Witch was able  to manipulate Edmund with promises of more.  But no matter how much Edmund ate, he still longed for it again, never satisfied.

Our verse for today speaks about a delight found in studying God’s wondrous works.  I am more familiar with another verse that tells us to “delight yourself in the Lord…” (Psalm 37:4)  The source of delight is found in our relationship with Him, but it is also found in studying His great works.

I am no academic and I do not normally put the words, “study” and “delight” in the same phrase.  There are many who find delight in studying math equations or Greek.  But I am not one of them!  However, with God’s wondrous doings as the subject of study, I do find delight.  I am to seek out what He has done, both in the Scripture and in my life.

Studying His work in Scripture is in fact a means of knowing Him better.  All the works of the Lord reveal who He is.  Every miracle of creation, every changed heart, and every evidence of care gives insight into His character.

True delight is found in Him and His works.  He is a delightful study!  And unlike Turkish Delight, He satisfies!

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