Devotions By Jan

New Growth


IMG_20130220_161841Scripture for Today:  John 15:2  “Any branch in Me that does not bear fruit He cuts away: and He cleanses and repeatedly prunes every branch that continues to bear fruit, to make it bear more and richer and more excellent fruit.”

Our hydrangea flower bush is beautiful in the spring.  The flowers are big and full; some pink some blue on the same bush.  Of course, in this winter season it looks all brown and dead.  But in fact, it is just dormant and it will come back as it does every spring.

These flowers will grow back much better if I get out there and prune away the dead growth.  The fall was too busy and now the temperatures are too freezing to work outside.  But soon, if I want good growth, I need to get out the pruning shears and cut it back before spring arrives.

Our verse today refers to the pruning of vines to produce more and better grapes.  But the idea is the same; that old growth needs to be removed before new growth can happen.  The one who does the pruning in my life is the Lord.  He does not want me to be content with the fruit He has already produced.  He wants me to cooperate with His pruning shears in order to produce more fruit that is richer and more excellent.

Pruning does not feel so good.  It is a painful process.  Just after pruning the plant does not look so good either.  When the Lord allows the hard times to come, He has in mind to produce new growth in me.  He has the end result in view, a beautiful and fruitful life.

Help me, Lord, not to question your pruning shears.  Help me to trust what You are doing in my life.

2 thoughts on “New Growth

  1. I really liked what you said about not wanting to be content with the fruit God has already produced . I think sometimes we get stuck thinking there is nothing more for God to do in our life and begin to feel that we have arrived. But around the corner we face the pruning shears coming at us. If we shrink away from them, or try to avoid them we will stop Him from producing fruit. So why would we want life to be pain free? As we walk beside people, working in Member Care for our mission, hearing about different people’s lives and walking with them through painful situations the desire to make it better and take away the pain is great but that could hinder the process God is taking them through. Being in a ministry of caring for others then requires us to be very prayerful of where we walk in others lives.
    I also appreciated what you said about after the pruning, that the “person” may not look so good. This is where time comes in. We can not rush ourselves or others to expect the fruit as soon as the pruning is over. We need to let Grace heal us or them and give God time to produce the fruit that will come of the pruning. I think far to often it doesn’t come because we don’t allow God to produce it and instead try to do it by ourselves, or worse make the other person do it themselves without the healing, time of God’s growth cycle.
    Thanks Jan, you have allowed me much to think about this morning.


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