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IMG_20121025_135857Scripture for Today:  Proverbs 17:22  “A joyful heart is good medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones.”

I remember the old TV commercial with the phrase, “I wanna be like Mike.”  Well, I wanna be like these two ladies.  They are pushing ninety and can still be silly and fun!  Oh, they have their problems, many of which are physical.  But they have kept their sense of humor intact.  They have both walked with the Lord for a long time.  Because of years of Bible study with them I have had a front row seat to their faith.  They are a joy to be around because they do not complain.  Instead they choose the medicine of a joyful heart.

The phrase, “laughter is the best medicine,” has been around a long time.  Research has shown there are many health benefits to laughter, including increased blood flow, better immune response, lowered blood sugar, and relaxation.   Isn’t it nice to see science catch up with Scripture written centuries ago!

For a believer, joy is the natural result of a close relationship with the Lord.  Psalm 16:11 tells us that in His presence is fullness of joy!  Being in His presence is a choice.  That means joy is a choice too.

Habakkuk understood that joy is a choice.  When everything was going wrong with crops and livestock, he said in 3:18 “Yet I will rejoice in the Lord.  I will joy in the God of my salvation.”

When everything is going wrong with my circumstances I can still find joy when I choose His presence.  There is joy in the realization of His love.  There is joy in the thought of His salvation and the future that awaits!

No broken spirit or dry bones for me!  I choose joy!

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