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Scripture for Today:  Jeremiah 8:7  “Even the stork in the sky knows when it is time to move on.  The turtledove, swallow and the crane recognize the normal times for their migration.  But My people pay no attention to what I, the Lord, require of them.”

I am fortunate to live in an area known for its stork population.  I so enjoy watching them fly past our windows.  The cranes around here are almost as big but do not have the same “wow” effect for me.  I am anxious to see them return with the warmer weather.  They winter in Sub-Saharan Africa, something I wish I could do!  They often will return to the exact same nest.

Our verse for today talks about four different kinds of birds but with one thing in common; they all migrate.  Their little bird brains know instinctively when it is time to move on so as to avoid the freezing temperatures.  Jeremiah mentions these birds as a contrast to the Israelites.  The people prided themselves in possessing the Law of God.  But they continually turned to their own individual course, rather than following God’s way.  The Law, instead of being written in their hearts, became a mere code or outward ceremony.

I wish obeying God was as instinctive for me as migration is for the birds.  But then it would not mean as much.  God wants my obedience to be an intentional choice.  Knowing what God expects of me is a good thing.  But I do not want to make the same mistake as the Israelites.  The point is not how many Bible verses I can recite by heart.  He is more interested in how many I obey!  Help me, Lord, to be obedient.

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  1. Our feathered friends have so many lessons for us — and are such a delight. Right now I have some house finches making nests in the baskets I hang in our patio and in a few weeks, we will see new life and here new songs. He gives us ALL things to enjoy. xxxooo


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