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The Cricket

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Scripture for Today:  Psalms 150:6  “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!  Praise the Lord!”

I am amazed to learn that there are about nine hundred different species of crickets……none of which are welcome in my home!  I know there are those that say they bring good luck, but that is a luck I can do without!  In some parts of China crickets are treated as pets, caged and fed.  Even though my husband is half Chinese, this is not an option!

It is rumored that crickets can tell you the outside temperature!  If one counts the number of chirps made in one minute, divides by four and then adds the number forty, the result is the current outside temperature (in Fahrenheit).  No thanks, I prefer reading a temperature gauge!

But what comes to mind when thinking about crickets is the chirping song the males make when they rub their wings together.  I do enjoy their song outside on a warm evening, as long as I do not see them!  Their sound can even be calming.  As disgusting as they look, they make a beautiful music!

Our verse for today is a call to praise the Lord.  In this short psalm, instruments are listed that can praise the Lord.  But so can this cricket.  He has breath too and his chirping is praise to his Creator.  Psalm 148:10 calls on all creeping things to praise the Lord as well, and the cricket most definitely qualifies!

I want His praise to continually be in my mouth!  Life and breath were given to me for this very purpose.  He is worthy of all my praise all the time.  May every breath of my life be a praise to Him for all He has done for me!

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