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Instant Results

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Scripture for Today:  Isaiah 30:18  “For this reason the Lord is ready to show you mercy; He sits on His throne, ready to have compassion on you.  Indeed, the Lord is a just God; all who wait for Him in faith will be blessed.”

Waiting for anything is not our strong point.  We want instant everything.  These instant noodles are not only cheap and versatile but so quickly prepared that very little waiting is required!  We certainly do not put up with a slow computer.  All it takes is a few minute’s wait to make us go ballistic!  We want everything ready when we want it.  We all want and expect instant results.

The Israelites in today’s Scripture passage wanted to see results instantly.  They were not willing to wait for God to deliver them from their enemies.  He had invited them to return to Him and rest in Him and be saved.  But they would not.  Instead, they trusted in their own plan using very swift horses, with disastrous results.  The result was quicker but not what they wanted!

How often I find myself unwilling to wait!  Taking things into my own hands usually seems more effective, even more logical.  But part of trusting is waiting, and for me, it is the most difficult part.  I do not like to wait.  I want to know something is happening, that the Lord is “on task.”  And rather than believing that He is, I feel compelled to fix things myself.  And like the Israelites, I may have a quicker result, but not what is best.

I love that the Lord is ready and willing to act on my behalf.  It seems incredible that He wants to bless me.  What mercy!  What compassion!  Help me Lord, to wait on You in faith.

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  1. Hi Jan! I love Heb 11:6…”that He is!”


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