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Scripture for Today: Isaiah 26:3  “You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he commits himself to You…”

When our daughter was little we surprised her with the gift of a hamster.  He was a cutie but his nocturnal habits were annoying.  He would sleep all day and get on his wheel at night, making a racket!

There are times when I feel like that hamster.  No, I do not sleep all day.  But for whatever reason, my thoughts start running around in my head the minute I lay it on my pillow.  Maybe I had too much sugar or caffeine in my day.  Maybe my hormones are going nuts.  I can be incredibly tired but the running of my thoughts through my head keeps me awake.

I would like to say that my sleep-defying thoughts are deep and profound.  It would be understandable if worrying thoughts were the culprit.  But more often than not, my thoughts are just mundane, silly and repetitive.  Something in my brain just does not turn off.

Rather than adding frustration to this scenario, I can direct my thoughts to something worthwhile.  If something is to be continually running through my mind, I rather it would be Scripture.  That is when the words of our verse can be a comfort.

I can lay down to sleep with thoughts of Him.  He knows when I am having trouble sleeping.  He knows my schedule for the next day.  I can trust Him even in the middle of sleep deprivation.  He will get me through the next day, even if I am up all night!

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful intimate relationship.  When I can not sleep, may I relax and rest in thoughts of You.

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