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Baby Feet


Scripture for Today:  I Samuel 2:9  “He keeps the feet of His godly ones.  But the wicked ones are silenced in darkness; For not by might shall a man prevail.”

Oh how I love to tickle the feet of my ten month old grandson!  I never have to worry about them being stinky as he never wants to wear shoes or socks!  Those little feet are not quite walking yet, but when they do there will be no stopping them!

A picture of baby feet seemed appropriate to illustrate our verse for today as it was spoken in song by Hannah.  She is leaving Samuel, her precious son, at the temple to serve as she had promised.  Surprisingly, her heart is exalting in the Lord instead of melting in sorrow at the separation!

Hannah is affirming the truth of the sovereignty of God.  She understands that God will protect her little boy.  It is not the strong and mighty ones that will prevail.  God will be protecting the comings and goings of Samuel.  In contrast, the wicked can only count on stumbling around in the darkness.

Hannah could no longer look out for her son.   The maternal instinct to care for and protect one’s own children is something that never leaves a mother.  But Hannah had to give that role over completely to God.

No matter how strong or capable I am to care for or protect my children, I can never do as well as their Creator can.  Hannah relinquishes her son to Him in a way that most of us are not called to do.  She was even able to rejoice over her sacrifice as her love for her Lord was that strong!

Can I trust Him that much with my children? and with my grandson?

5 thoughts on “Baby Feet

  1. What a testament to trust in the Lord! As Kim graduates from college this weekend, I find myself wondering how well I will be able to hand her over that completely to God.


  2. A beautiful writing today Jan! I’ll be re-reading this all day!
    Congratulations to Kim!!!


  3. Very encouraging. Nico turns 18 this monday !


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