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Withered Grass

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Withered_grass_Scripture for Today:  Psalm 92:6-8  “The senseless man does not know, fools do not understand, that though the wicked spring up like grass and all evildoers flourish, they will forever be destroyed.  But You, O Lord, are exalted forever.”

The hills in Southern California are beautiful when covered in green grass.  But because it is a dry climate, that green grass can quickly transform itself into dry withered grass.  In a matter of a few days the lack of water turns it all brown.  But when conditions are favorable, grass can grow so quickly.  Some varieties can produce a nice lawn in as little as a week!

Our verse for today talks about how quickly grass can spring up.  This image is used to describe how the evil seem to flourish.  Everything looks smooth and prosperous.  The wicked seem to get all the breaks.  It is a huge temptation to think the grass is greener on the other side!

David in Psalm 73 looked over at the other grass and envied the prosperity of the wicked.  They seem to have no struggles even though they mock God.  They are carefree and wealthy.  One can feel the exasperation that David felt.  Is it really worthwhile to take that righteous path?

There are times I feel that same frustration!  Why are those who turn their back on God doing so well?  Where are my blessings for keeping my heart pure?  Like David, my feet can almost slip with these thoughts.  But also like David, I understand when I enter the sanctuary of God (verse 17).  I understand the final destiny of the wicked.

It is when I am in His presence I realize the earth holds nothing that can compare to Him!  Let the wicked prosper while they can.  As for me, the Lord God is my prosperity!

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