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Scripture for Today:  James 1:2-3  “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.”

I know I am in good company when complaining about airport mishaps.  Whether it is a cancelled flight, a humiliating security story, or delay after delay, there is ample occasion to practice our verse for today!

No one likes to wait or have plans completely destroyed.  No one appreciates short tempers or rude passengers.  On my latest flight (which I am still living as I write this in an airport) I really feel like I was being tested.  I ask the Lord to smooth the way.  I ask for the least amount of hassle.  I approach that agent with prayers in my heart that all will go my way.  The Lord answers with a “no.”  I am to live through long annoying frustrations.  And I am to do it with an attitude that will not dishonor Christ.  My Lord wants me to smile, be pleasant and not wish horrible catastrophe on airport employees!

Some of my problem comes from a sense of entitlement.  I figure that as a follower of Christ I should somehow get special treatment or consideration!  But the fact is, He is arranging things for my good!  The testing of my faith IS that good.  He is developing in me patience and endurance.  He is slowly molding me into the beautiful image of His Son.  It is a slow and sometimes painful process.  I wish patience could be developed some other way!

I am not jumping for joy at these travel nightmares.  But I do have confidence that God is in charge and He knows what He is about.  I can experience quiet unruffled calm.  Thank you, Lord, for the smile as I write!

2 thoughts on “Tests

  1. Unruffled calm — love that expression. I too need to pray that for Arnette. 🙂 xxxooo


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