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Standing Firm?

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Scripture for Today: I Corinthians 16:13  “Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.”

There are days like this.  There are weeks like this!  I think I am fine and then suddenly I am face down in the dirt.  What happened?  Out of nowhere something unseen trips me up and I do not even have time to break my fall.

I will never forget slipping on a crowded city street in Orlèans.  I fell squarely on my bottom, but I did not care about that.  I cared more who saw me fall!  I fell because I was inattentive and distracted, just not paying attention.

In the spiritual realm, I can be just as inattentive.  I am lulled by routine.  When things are going smoothly, I am not necessarily looking ahead.  I do not see the pitfall to my faith that is just around the corner.  But there is plenty of occasion to fall.  Our verse for today tells me to be on the alert, watching.

For what am I to be watching?  The answer would be anything that could weaken my faith.  It could be worry over a family member or a health problem.  It could be financial concerns.  It could be loss of a loved one.  Everyday has the potential to weaken faith.  We are tempted to think God does not care.  We begin to doubt His love or His goodness.  Instead of standing firm, we sway and even fall.

Today’s verse sounds like a pep talk!  Thankfully, I am not left on my own.  When I look ahead He reassures my heart about the unknown future.  When I lose courage, He is there.  When I begin to sway, He reaches out His arm to steady me.  Thank you, Lord, for helping me stand firm!

One thought on “Standing Firm?

  1. O my, this photo looks like a broken neck! I know some of your pictures for your devotions are actual photos of you or someone you know. How about this one? Carol Semper Deo Laud



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