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Scripture for Today:  II Corinthians 1:5  “For just as the sufferings of Christ are ours in abundance, so also our comfort is abundant through Christ.”

We are having an abundant harvest here in Alsace.  Squash of all sorts are making their appearance.  Our fertile plain fed by the Rhine River makes for some very rich farmland.  I love how many of the farms and even private residences will put out stands of their fresh produce.  For me, pumpkins represent an abundant harvest.

Our verse for today also talks about abundance; the abundance of suffering and the abundance of comfort.  Because of sin and our fallen world, there will be suffering for the believer.  Whether it is loss of health, income, or loss of loved ones, the Christian is not exempt.  But for the believer there is with the abundant suffering, comfort from Him that is just as abundant.

When I see others go through very difficult suffering, I wonder how they do it.  This verse gives me the answer.  They get through it by drawing on the abundant comfort He promises.  He is the God of all comfort (verse 3).

The future looms ahead of me with all sorts of potential suffering.  There will be age-related sufferings as the body breaks down.  There will be the deaths of older family members and friends.  Whatever suffering is in store, I can trust the Lord to come through for me.  His comfort will make all of it bearable.  I do not have to worry ahead of time or imagine the unimaginable.  When it is needed, His comfort will be there.

The abundant life of John 10:10 is not an easy painless life.  It is abundant because HE is there!  Thank you, Lord, that I can trust You to be the abundant comfort I need.

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