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Under Guarantee?

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 89:2  “I will declare that Your love stands firm forever, that You have established Your faithfulness in Heaven itself.”

Our egg cooker finally died.  It had a good run.  Because we do not use it all that much, it lasted a good seven years.  Of course, it was no longer under guarantee.

I have yet to meet an appliance that is guaranteed forever.  In fact, in production, there is usually a planned year when the appliance is expected to breakdown.  It is in the interest of the manufacturer that the consumer spend money to replace it!  And of course, most often it will happen after the guarantee has expired.  We shrug our shoulders and say that nothing lasts forever!

Our verse for today contains a truth I want to declare today and every day of my life.  The love of God lasts forever!  Regardless of our limited perception, His love is faithful.  His love is firmly established and nothing can shake it!  How could the psalmist, David, declare such a thing?  His life was not easy.  Circumstances must have tempted him to doubt this truth.  He lost his baby son.  Yet he continued to believe in the love of God.

Over and over in Scripture God proclaims His love for me.  His Word often reads like a love letter.  There is nothing that can separate me from His constant and unconditional love.  Unlike any human relationship, it is under guarantee!  He has committed Himself to me and He is faithful.  He created me for this relationship.  All other loves in this life pale in comparison.

In our fallen world filled with broken relationships, sin and sickness, it is easy to lose sight of His love.  But today, regardless of the hard times, I declare His love for me!

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