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Giving Up

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Never_Give_upScripture for Today:  Galatians 6:9  “Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.”

This quote of Winston Churchill’s is on a magnet in our study.  It was given to my husband by a student in his biology class years ago.  My husband used this quote when giving the commencement speech at our second daughter’s high school graduation.

This quote was from a speech Churchill gave to the boys of his former school, Harrow School, in 1941.  It was just after the Blitz and the English were feeling encouraged.  The actual quote is a bit different with the words, “never give in” but the idea of perseverance is the same.

As inspiring as these kinds of quotes can be, God’s Word gives a special kind of motivation.  In our verse for today, Paul exhorts the believers in Galatia to continue in their good works, especially to other believers.  He understands the temptation to give in to weariness.  One grows especially weary when one does not see results.

Reaping what is sown is a repeated theme in Scripture.  Farming the soil meant prepping it, sowing the seed, and careful tending.  Waiting for the results was normal.  And so it is with believers.  We are told that one day there will be joyful reaping of all those good works sown.  But just because we do not see immediate results does not mean that we give up.

There is plenty of temptation to give up.  Living a life of service to others is not an easy life.  It goes against my selfish nature.  If seeing immediate results is my only motivation than giving up looks pretty good.  But “in due time” there will be results and there will be reward.  God has promised.

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