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Cuckoo Clocks


Scripture for Today: Colossians 4:5  “Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.”

We live near the cuckoo clock capital of the world!  Black Forest, Germany is just over the border and they are known for their wood carving and clock making.  The variety is impressive.  Some are quite ornate and detailed.  We have  a simple one with just the cuckoo but I have always enjoyed those with figurines that dance on the hour.

Once I saw a very unique cuckoo clock that was difficult to leave behind.  On the hour a man seated in his chair would appear and behind him stood his wife with a rolling pin poised over her head.  With each cuckoo that rolling pin would come down on this poor man’s head!  I guess my husband would not want me getting any ideas!

Our verse for today is about redeeming the time.  It is said in a very specific context; that of our relationship with nonbelievers.  Paul, in the preceding verses, is asking for prayer.  He wants to make the Gospel clear to others.  But to do so, he wants God to open the door of opportunity to him.

Walking in this wisdom is knowing how to communicate with grace (verse 6).  Our speech is to be “seasoned with salt” so that we know how to answer anyone asking a question.  There is a certain urgency involved as doors of opportunity not only open but close.  That cuckoo sounding reminds me that time is fleeting and limited.  Am I praying for opportunities to share His Good News?  Do I have the wisdom described in Proverbs 11:30, that of winning souls?  Quite frankly, there are times I am too self-absorbed.

Lord, make me aware of fleeting time, open doors and sensitivity to people’s questions.  I need Your wisdom!

2 thoughts on “Cuckoo Clocks

  1. Our lovely cuckoo clock was given us as a wedding present some 53 years ago by Ruth (a friend from college) whose father was a chaplain in the Army stationed near the Black Forest. Clocks are indded a wonderful reminder to redeem the time the Lord gives to us. Since they are a passion of mine, I have a multitude of reminders. Once again you touched my heart. xxxooo


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