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Building Up or Tearing Down?

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house unnamedScripture for Today:  Proverbs 14:1  “The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands.”

I stopped to watch this demolition the other day.  I wondered how long the house had stood there.  Living in Europe, I am accustomed to older buildings and appreciate their charm.  Our own home is over one hundred years old.  But in just one day, this home came down.  All the memories associated with those rooms are gone.  All the stories lived out behind its walls are now a little harder to recall.  It made me a bit sad.

Our verse for today describes a house coming down.  It is very much in the power of a woman to make or break a household.  A foolish woman needs no help to bring the house down around her head.  But a wise woman will fight for her home and her family.  She will do everything in her power to protect those precious walls.

Who is the wise woman?  She is the one who fears the Lord first and foremost (Psalm 111:10).  Following God’s commandments in a marriage relationship and as parents is the surest way to keep that house standing.  A foolish woman will consider God’s way as old fashioned and antiquated.  Without realizing it, the foolish woman will tear her own house down little by little.  Before long the roof caves in and she wonders what has happened.

There are cracks in my walls every now and then.  Sometimes following God’s way is just difficult.  I need His help to obey.  Unless the Lord builds my house all this work will be for nothing (Psalm 127:1).  But the result is well worth the effort.

Thank you, Lord, that my house is still standing!  Keep me building my house Your way!

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