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Mother’s Milk

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Scripture for Today: I Peter 2:2-3  “…like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the Word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation, if you have tasted the kindness of the Lord.”

It is amazing how quickly one forgets how much and how often a newborn baby needs feeding!  There is no other priority in their new little lives.  Their is no mistaking that hungry cry and what it means.  And there is only one way to quiet and satisfy their hunger….milk!

Our verse for today describes that same longing.  It is not something a believer ever need deny himself.  Although a mature believer will gradually add the meatier doctrines of the Bible, one never outgrows the need to review and appreciate the foundational truths, or milk.

Our verse for today describes the Word as pure.  It is 100% God’s Word.  Hearing others preach and comment on God’s Word is important and valuable.  But our own personal feeding is essential for our faith to grow.  Nothing can take the place of His personal message.  Having that sweet communion leaves me wanting more.  And it is when I read His Word for myself that I taste His kindness for me!

My El-Shaddai is kind.  This name of God seems to be derived from the Hebrew word for “breast.”  This brings to mind the idea of nourishment, supply and satisfaction!  Just as a nursing baby needs his mother to grow healthy and strong, so I need close quality time with the Lord for my faith to grow.  Through His written Word He reassures me of His love and presence, His control and care!  It is wonderful to grow in knowledge.  But my deepest desire is to grow closer to Him!

Thank you Lord, that You nourish my soul!

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