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Royal Tombs


tombs3735304055_31f7be270d_zScripture for Today: Psalm 49:16-17  “Do not be overawed when a man grows rich, when the splendor of his house increases; for he will take nothing with him when he dies, his splendor will not descend with him.”

My husband and I were able to tour these royal tombs in Macedonia with my French chorale.  They were only discovered in 1977 but date back to the beginning of the third century!  They were able to escape detection for so long as they are so well camouflaged with dirt reaching 13 meters high and 110 meters across!  They seem to blend in with the surrounding topography!

The tombs here contain not only the remains of Alexander IV, son of Alexander the Great, but much of his wealth as well.  On display are articles made of silver, gold and ivory found in these tombs.  There are also marble structures, paintings and weapons.  It almost seemed as if Alexander wanted to take these items with him into his next life.

Our verse for today points out the absurdity of the idea that at death we can take our riches with us!  A man may grow rich in this life and his house be a marvel, but he cannot take any of that hard earned splendor with him.  He descends into the grave without it.  Death is the great equalizer when it comes to riches.  But there are riches that are eternal!

Those that are rich in faith will inherit the kingdom promised to those who love Him (James 2:5).  I may be poor in the eyes of the world.  But my rich inheritance is waiting for me and it will not perish, spoil or fade! (I Peter 1:4)

So, I am not overawed at the rich!  Instead, I am awed by God’s grace and generosity!

2 thoughts on “Royal Tombs

  1. We got to visit these, too, on our Footsteps of Paul trip a few years ago. Pretty amazing! We just studied Alexander the Great in our adult class yesterday morning. (Going over the 400 “silent” years) What a timely post and so true!!!

    Blessings, Kathy


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