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Baking Disasters

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cakePhoto1190Scripture for Today:  Hosea 7:8 “Ephraim, he has mixed himself among the people.  Ephraim is a cake not turned.”

I can relate to the baking disaster pictured here!  Apparently, the baker added maple syrup to the middle of the muffin and the batter spread all over the place!  There have been times I have undercooked or overcooked something with similar results!  I end up with too much or too little of some ingredient.  Maybe I have added something I should not have.  Perhaps the heat was unevenly distributed.  In any case, my family has usually been good sports about eating my mistakes!

In our verse for today is another baking disaster!  The cake that is not turned for even cooking represents the lack of commitment to follow God’s laws.  Ephraim has shown itself to be “half baked” or not in complete obedience to God.  This tribe of Israel was dominant among the ten who made up the tribes of the Northern Kingdom.  Unfortunately, because it mixed itself with the surrounding nations and influenced the other tribes to do the same, God scattered them.  The foreigners were sapping their strength and they did not even realize it!

Being “half-baked” is still a temptation today.  The pull of the world is so strong.  It is easy to compromise.  But having one foot in the world and one foot in the church does not work.  To love the world and mix myself up in it is contrary to a sincere love for my Lord (I John 2:15-17).  Loving the world weakens my faith, slowly sapping my strength without me even realizing it!

I do not want to compromise as Ephraim did with dire consequences.  I want my faith to stay strong.  Lord, keep me from conforming to the world around me.

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