Devotions By Jan

Morning Dew


Scripture for Today:  Hosea 6:4  “What can I do with you, Ephraim?  What can I do with you, Judah?  Your love is like the morning mist, like the early dew that disappears.”

Is there anything prettier than dew kissing the fragile petals of a rose?   We enjoy our rose bushes but I do not always know the best way to care for them.  My landlord kindly helps me with pruning and gives me tips.  I love cutting them and bringing them into the house!  They are so fragrant and add a touch of class.  But of course, I do not bring them inside if they are still wet with dew.

Today’s verse is addressed to two tribes of Israel.  They knew to make sacrifices and burnt offerings but they did not show mercy to others nor did they acknowledge God.  It was just routine and tradition.  Their love for the Lord was as transient as morning dew which quickly disappears.  The book of Hosea is the story of the Israelites’ unfaithfulness to God, just like a wayward wife.

I can identify with a love that disappears like morning dew.  In the morning when I read His Word and talk with Him, I can be satisfied with His unfailing love (Psalm 90:14).  But as I go throughout my day, that closeness can seem to evaporate in the distractions of a busy day.  His love is constant, but mine…not so much.  Sometimes it is easy to look at my time with the Lord as an obligation to be crossed off a list.  But He is not interested in empty ritual but in meaningful relationship.  Thankfully, despite  how fickle I am, He continues to tap my shoulder with His love.  He reminds me He is there.

Thank you Lord, that I can count on Your love all day.

2 thoughts on “Morning Dew

  1. Enjoy your poetic devotions so much. Praying that your transition back to France brought sweet reunions and new energy for the ministry ahead. Thank you for being a part of Deborah’s Daughters during your last visit to Southern California. Blessings Joan


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