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Scripture for Today:  Psalm 119:31-32  “I hold fast to your statutes, Lord, do not let me be put to shame.  I run in the path of your commands for You have broadened my understanding.”

Running is in my family.  My husband, son, and brother-in-law all seem to enjoy running.  My problem is that I do not like to sweat.  If one should ever see me run, it would be for some kind of an emergency!  But the health benefits are undeniable and many runners talk about that “runner’s high.”  The endorphin levels rise during intense exercising, affecting one’s mood.  That feeling of euphoria can sometimes comes from long distance running.  I can think of some other less strenuous sources of euphoria, say in eating good chocolate!

Our verse for today uses the image of running to describe enthusiastic obedience to God’s commands.  Normally, one would not think of running to obey.  More common is the idea of reluctant compliance.  We know God’s commandments are given in love and are good for us.  But there is something innate in us that wants to rebel, wants to go our way.  We think we know better.  The end result is shame for our choices.  But obedience to Him will never result in shame.  Obeying His laws gives us wisdom and understanding about Him, about life, and about how our own way is just not as good as His.

Running to obey Him shows a heart that is completely His own.  Waiting only gives room to doubts and fear.  Obeying Him quickly shows a trust that is absolute.  When God gave Abraham a command concerning his son, he rose early the next morning to obey (Gen.22:3).  As incredibly difficult as it was, Abraham did not wait to obey.

Lord, may I run to obey You today!

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