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Window Cleaning

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Scripture for Today:  John 16:8  “When He comes (the Holy Spirit) He will prove the world to be in the wrong about sin, righteousness and judgement.”

Spring is not really here yet, but because of a few days of sunshine, I decided I had better clean my windows.  I do not usually notice how dirty and streaked they are.  But with the arrival of the sun, all of a sudden I see the dirt that has been clouding my view!  Out comes the ladder, the cleaning supplies and the newspapers.  The sunshine shows me exactly where to concentrate my efforts.  My arms are sore but it is a great feeling to have those windows free of dirt and the sunshine unobstructed, lighting up the rooms!

In our verse for today, the role of the Holy Spirit is described by Jesus to His disciples.  Not only will He guide us into truth (verse 13) but He will also convince men of what sin is, what righteousness is, and the certainty of the coming judgement.  It is because of the Spirit’s conviction that men see the need for confession and come to Him for forgiveness.

Just like windows that are cloudy from unnoticed dirt, so are the lives of those who ignore God’s conviction.  His light shows us where cleaning is needed.  There are spots and streaks we do not see without Him showing us.  His forgiveness clears out the dirt.  I sometimes find myself arguing over a small spot here or there.  Is this really sin?  Couldn’t I just leave it as it is so small?  But His truth keeps pointing it out until I agree with Him and allow His forgiveness to cleanse it.

Thank you Lord, for forgiveness and giving back to me sweet warm and sunny fellowship with You!

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