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Scripture for Today:  Psalm 32:7 “You are my hiding place.  You will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”

What is it about cats and bags?  Every time I put away groceries I throw the empty bags on the floor, much to our Tiger’s delight.  He runs so quickly to hide in one of them that he and the bag slide across the floor!  Inside that bag he feels secure and invincible!  In his little cat brain he probably thinks no one can see him.  But when that bag starts moving across the tiles it is a dead give-away!

Our verse for today describes a different hiding place; the Lord Himself.  David has been hiding from God, unwilling to acknowledge his sin.  As with Adam and Eve, our first instinct with unconfessed sin is to hide from God.  Now that David has confessed everything, he is hiding in God.  He is hiding in His sure love and forgiveness.  He describes God’s love in verse 10 as a love that surrounds him.  There are songs and praise as those seeing and hearing of David’s deliverance celebrate the victory with him.

Hiding from God does not work.  Hiding behind a false sense of self sufficiency does not either.  But hiding in Him means protection and sure deliverance!  In Him is found such security.  His love is my retreat.  In His presence there is no fear of what man can do to me.  Whatever “mighty waters” (verse 6) may be in my future, they will not overwhelm me when I am hiding in Him.  He will fill my heart with song and praise as He proves Himself trustworthy yet again.

Thank you Lord, for hiding me in Your love.  It is such a good place to be!

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  1. Want to be found hiding in that blessed Rock of Ages. Thanks for the reminder. xxxooo


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