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Retail Therapy

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window-shoppingScripture for Today: Psalm 73:25  “Whom have I in heaven but You?  And I have no delight or desire on earth besides You.”

We have all done it at some point in our lives; “retail therapy,” that activity that somehow provides a pick-me-up and makes us feel better!  Shopping provides a change of scene, gets one moving and often includes interaction with friends.  Even window shopping can provide this distraction.  The French call it, “window licking!”  There is a real sense of accomplishment to come home with some treasure at an incredible bargain.  Most often that happens when I shop at a thrift store like the one pictured.  The French have a saying when asking if you have found something; “Have you found your happiness?”

Well, if I am honest with myself, the answer will always be “no, not really.”  Our verse for today puts everything in perspective.  When compared to the treasure of knowing Christ, everything else pales.  That new item can bring a sense of well being and happiness for a time but eventually it will lose its shine and become mundane.  Purchases can only go so far when it comes to lasting joy.  That is because they themselves will not last.

The context of our verse talks about God being our portion forever.  He does not grow old with use or even outdated.  The delight that is found in knowing Him need never wear off.  No desire on earth has the potential of bringing true fulfillment like the desire for Him.  He fits that empty yawning space inside of us just right.  We are created for this relationship with Him.  Trying to fill ourselves up with anything else leaves holes and empty spaces.

Thank you Lord, for being my everything!

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