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Chocolate Debt


Scripture for Today: Romans 13:8 “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the Law.”

Who can resist Belgian chocolate, said to be the best in the world!  We were just in Brussels where there were chocolate shops every few feet!  We finally had to break down and buy some!  The problem came with the bill.  The saleslady, harried and tired, accidentally charged us 1,055.00 euros for a 15 euro purchase!  We thought it amusing until she explained she could not reverse it.  She suggested we leave our bank information and the store would reimburse us!  We were flabbergasted!  Even though she did not know how, she tried to annul the debt and ended up charging the same amount AGAIN!  Finally, after some expensive minutes on our cell phone to our bank in California, it all got straightened out.  And the chocolate ended up being free!

There is a much more important debt in our verse for today.  It can never be completely paid and it is the debt of love.  It is a continuing debt as no one can say they have paid it in full.  Perfectly loving others completely fulfills the Law.  This is because all of the Law is summed up in loving one’s neighbor as one’s self (verse 9).  There is only One who has been able to fulfill the Law with a perfect love; Jesus.

Quite frankly, we did not feel a tremendous love for this saleslady, although the Lord worked in our hearts to eventually show compassion and patience.  We all fall short.  Thankfully, Jesus has made His love available to us in the person of His Spirit.  His filling and control can change any situation with a difficult person.

Lord, fill my heart with Your love today.

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Debt

  1. That is some pricey chocolate! I hope you enjoyed it.


  2. I definitely needed to be reminded of this today!


  3. I sure needed to read this today. My mom fell and broke her femur and has been in skilled nursing going on 7 weeks. We are expected to go every day and or phone her. We get chewed out if we don’t. It is far easier for Mark to show love than me as his history with her has only been 37 plus years and mine has been over 55. When I wouldn’t support her plan of going home alone she told me to leave. Fortunately my daughter in law was there and witnessed all of this. I have suffered enough abuse by my mom and am standing up for myself in not taking anymore. She expects me to be at her beck and call and I have my own life that has responsibilities. I’m doing the best I can but it is never enough in her eyes. Please pray for the situation and a change in all of our hearts.


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