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Blood Test

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 139:23 “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.”

I wish there were some other way to check one’s cholesterol levels than a blood test.  They are never fun and neither is the fasting beforehand.  The waiting room experience usually increases my anxiety.  The nurse asks me which arm I prefer.  Neither, really.  I make the required fist and try to remember those relaxing techniques.  Surely it was something about breathing.  I know not to look.  Is this really necessary?  Can’t I just promise to lay off the ice cream?  It is over before I know it.  My results signaled no real problem with cholesterol or any other problems and I am thankful.

Our verse for today is also a voluntary testing, but of one’s heart, motivation and thoughts.  The One who does the testing is infinitely more patient, tender and loving than any health professional.  He goes deeper than any needle can reach and reveals what cannot be seen.  He not only reveals potential problems but He is there to deal with them.

Just as blood testing is not a comfortable experience, so this heart examination can be uncomfortable.  Seeing our failings and imperfections can burst our self-satisfied bubble and leave us vulnerable.  It is much easier to go through life without seeing the plank of wood blocking our vision (Matt. 7:3).  When He searches my heart He may find remnants of bitterness and unforgiveness thought to be already resolved.  He sees those anxious thoughts that may indicate my lack of faith.  But when He brings these things to light, He offers full and complete pardon.  The heart no longer feels heavy but light with forgiveness and reassurance!

Search me today Lord, and make my heart healthy with Your loving care.

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