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Plastic Wrap

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plastic-wrap-on-paintScripture for Today: Psalm 63:7-8 “Because You are my help, I sing in the shadow of Your wings.  I cling to You. Your right hand upholds me.”

I finally gave in.  After years of fighting with plastic wrap, I finally bought a dispenser that allows me to roll it out and cut it easily.  If there had been a hidden camera in my kitchen, it would have caught me tearing at that plastic and throwing away countless yards of the stuff as it would cling to the wrong thing.  Seriously, plastic wrap seems to have a mind of its own!  It clings to itself, my hand, or the counter, but rarely where I am putting it.

Our verse for today is about a different kind of clinging.  When we realize just how needy we are, we can give ourselves permission to cling.  The problem is that sometimes we cling to the wrong thing.  When we cling to our own resources or to others, we continue to be needy.  However, when we cling to the Lord and His strength, we find ourselves upheld by His powerful right hand.  He is our help when all else fails.  Clinging to Him and His protection changes our attitude to one of joy and song.  He is never bothered by our clinging.  He does not shake us off.  He holds us up when we feel we are falling.  He is faithful to give the help we need.

I cannot cling to Him if my hands are full.  I need to let go of all my supposed resources and depend completely on Him.  He is big enough and strong enough to be all the help I need.  As the old hymn says, “Simply to Thy cross I cling.”  Lord, help me to really believe it!


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