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Running Ahead

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Scripture for Today: II John 1:9 “Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God, whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and the Son.”

Falling on an escalator is no fun!  My daughter as a young girl did just that and opened up her knee.  She had run ahead of me and treated the moving steps as a playground.  Blood was everywhere and the paramedics were called amidst many tears and fears from both mother and daughter.  Off to the hospital for traumatic stitches.  They were traumatic without the help of a local anesthetic as the French doctors believe it is not healthy for young children.  If she had just not run ahead of me, the day would have turned out very differently.

Our verse for today was written to help believers discern those who walk according to His commandments (verses 5- 6).  Running ahead of God’s truth is obvious in two areas: denying that Jesus is God’s Son and not loving others.  It is easy to be deceived but these are two valuable tests that indicate who belongs to the Lord and who does not.

Rather than running ahead of what God clearly teaches in His Word, I want to be careful to run along the paths of His commands (Psalm 119:32).  I am firmly convinced of the deity of Christ, but I still need help to consistently love others as God wants.  When I love my neighbor as He commands, I demonstrate to others that I belong to the Lord.  Everyone will know that I am His disciple when I love others as this is the mark of a believer (John 13:35).  It is not natural to love the unlovely.

Lord, keep me faithful and obedient to Your Word.


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