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Scout’s Honor

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 33:4 “For the word of the Lord is right and true; He is faithful in all He does.”

This gesture is a common one in North America among scouts.  Before a girl or boy can become a scout a pledge must be voiced.  “On my honor I promise to do my best….”  Following are three praiseworthy statements regarding duty, helpfulness and obedience.  The principles written in the scout’s honor pledge are lofty and difficult to consistently follow.  It is interesting to have the disclaimer as part of the pledge…”to do my best.”  There is resolve and commitment but a recognition as well that one cannot perfectly fulfill this pledge.

Our verse for today is a wonderful assurance that everything God says is right and true.  He is faithful to His Word and there is no need for any disclaimer!  He never says, “I will try to do my best,” or “I will do the best I can.”  He is powerful enough to make all His words become a reality.  If He says something will happen, then it will.  We never have to wonder whether He will go back on His Word.  We never have to wonder if what He says is right.  His purpose statements are not just good intentions but unshakeable truth.

I can and do build my life on His Word, being that it is rock solid truth.  He will always perfectly fulfill His pledge to me.  His Word is not only faithful and true but powerful beyond comprehension!  After all, it was by His Word that the heavens were made! (verse 6)

In a world where words are cheap and promises are broken, how amazing it is to be able to count on everything He says!  And what He says is so good and loving!

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  1. thankful for that trust


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